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Change, it is always argued is the only constant thing in nature. This post is going to be very brief but will capture the essense of its necessity. About a year and three months ago, the concept of Notopoverty was formed: a blog that would address the causes of poverty (both mental and material), and proffer both online and offline solutions to the never ending cycle of poverty that seem to plague us all. However, that initial dream got diverted and instead, became “Business, blogging, tips and the art of getting better”.

However, when I landed on Sue’s blog recently and read how a 93 year old woman had to go back to work to earn a living, I knew I wasn’t really making a difference with my blog…Sadly too, I discovered to my shame that NTP had become ‘just another WP blog!’ That wasn’t the plan!!

Change for NTP

In Brief, What Are The Changes?

Nothing out of the world…just basically retracing the original philosophy of the blog which birthed the name, Notopoverty.


  • Every entry on the blog hence would be about attracting riches to your life (both mental and material) and avoiding poverty of any sort. Some ‘ordinary’ entries would also be given a facelift and presented in the light of the ‘poverty – wealth’ perspective. Believe me, we often miss the mark (and opportunity) in everyday affairs. Believe me.
  • NTP would become a membership site. While every other reader would be provided with daily tips to enhance life and live abundantly, subscribed members would be privy to exclusive tips and offers not available to ordinary readers. Upgrading to premium membership would however implicate a small monthly fee.
  • My team and I would dedicate more time to the creation of information products, mainly email courses and eBooks. While some may be premium and charged, many would be completely free. The grand plan is that no reader of this blog would remain poor after reading this blog for a span as short as  6 months!
  • NTP would finally move on and in line with the modern practice, ‘upgrade’ to a ‘proper email list service’. Finally, ‘burning feeds’ would be history for us. However, before this happens, I’ll personally send a mail to all my Feedburner subscribers with instructions about how to join us over at the new service.
  • A distinct and easily recognizable logo will be created, used and featured prominently on the site.
  • Finally, NTP will wear a new, better and more professional look. While the present look may appear great, there is always a better option!

When Will These Changes Come To Pass?

Immediately. The next post you’ll read here will get you thinking and will sure challenge you to live a richer, poverty free life. However, some changes like the UI, membership options and information products would be gradual. However, in the next couple of weeks, my team and I are positive everything would take a new, solid shape you’ll be proud to associate with!

What Do You Think?

What do you think of these proposed changes? Anything left out? Anything you feel shouldn’t be touched? Let’s have a heart to heart in the comments section. I’m pretty sure the final product will reflect your aspirations. I’m pretty positive.


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