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Your blog is supposed to improve your financial lot… and maybe, make you rich. But, what happens when it instead make you way poorer? Especially at times when you are supposed to renew your hosting plan or when you have other sundry blog running expenses like paying for bandwidth, themes, plugins etc?

Please Note: this is a super short entry and unlike my characteristic writing that spans well over a thousand words, this one will be very brief. The reason is quite simple: the longer the post, the more it would task your attention span. Since this is a grave issue amongst bloggers, I would not appreciate that a sentence be lost.

The Challenge Of Most Bloggers Today

For the plethora of bloggers who sign up for a domain and pay hosting for a website, only a tiny percentage renew their domain names after the initial hosting expires. Fewer still, ever make a penny off their blogs and less than 3% of bloggers are actually making reasonable money online! This is the sad fact and the uncanny predicament of most of the world’s bloggers.

What Can Be Done

If you find yourself in this sort of predicament, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Why I am blogging?
  2. What impact am I making with my blog?
  3. How many pressing questions bothering humanity am I addressing?

You’d be amazed at the sort of answers (or lack thereof) that would pop to your head: the longer and more meaningful the answers, the better. The shorter and less ‘stressful’ the answers, the worse. No answers at all? Restrategize immediately or quit blogging – that is the warning sign many a blogger never heeded.

Sometimes, it’s better to cut one’s loses than to spearhead a clearly lost cause!

Next Wednesday

Blogging should be about connecting, value, help and if you desire it, bucks. If you have no means of making either of these happen, you are left with two options:

  • Change your course
  • Or kindly bow out.

However, I would prefer you choose the former course than the latter. What do you think? See you next Wednesday.

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